Vitagenis Colon Support

Colon Support addresses an issue of universal importance: gastrointestinal (GI) health. GI regularity and function are vital to physiological balance and overall well-being. How well the body digests, assimilates, and eliminates metabolic fuel and metabolic waste determines health at the cellular level. Toxins that enter the body must be detoxified and their metabolites must exit the body. Gastrointestinal elimination plays a major role in detoxification by expelling the remnants of toxic molecules. If these harmful remnants are not eliminated, they can recirculate throughout the body.



Colon Support is designed to support gastrointestinal regularity and complement dietary fiber intake.

  • Magnesium citrate is present to support muscle relaxation and bowel elimination. As a macro mineral, magnesium supports cell, tissue, and organ function and participates in over 300 metabolic reactions in the body. This essential mineralplays a pivotal role in energy-producing reactions, detoxification, muscle and nerve function, and skeletal structure. Magnesium can readily become depleted due to inadequate intake, poor absorption, excessive losses, and drug-induced nutrient depletions. Magnesium citrate is used in the Colon Support formula because it is highly bioavailable and other forms of magnesium are absorbed differently
  • Cape Aloe is added to support normal GI transit time and stool bulk. Cape Aloe (Aloe ferox) has a long history of use in South Africa and continues to be closely studied for its valuable attributes, specifically its ability to support GI regularity.
    The herb is ideally used in the short term to support the elimination of feces and subsequently the elimination of toxins.
    Recent research suggests that Cape Aloe supports gastrointestinal regularity and is well tolerated.
  • Triphala comprises three sour, astringent fruits: Emblica officinalis (amla), Terminalia belerica (behada), and Terminalia chebula (harada). This tannin-rich herbal compound has been used traditionally for supporting digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Triphala is considered to be a cornerstone of the art and practice of Ayurveda, and it is used throughout India in herbal products. Modern-day clinical trials have confirmed the benefits of traditional uses of Triphala, especially gastrointestinal support. Researchers indicated that Triphala positively supports appetite, GI health, and rejuvenation. Triphala is present to support all phases of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Gastrointestinal regularity in turn plays a fundamental role in detoxification and provides a major route for elimination of toxins.


• Helps in Aiding Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination
• Promotes Gastrointestinal Motility and Stool Bulk.
• Supports Final Phases of Detoxification
• Supports Appetite Reduction

Does Not Contain

Wheat, gluten, corn, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.


Take two capsules at bedtime with 8 oz. of water, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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