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Vitagenis Save the Plant Commitment

Recycling is a simple activity that brings great benefits to the environment and our world. At Vitagenis, we feel compelled to protect nature so it can keep providing for us and future generations. By making a commitment to our environment, Vitagenis offers all of its clients a $1 credit for each bottle that is returned to us. These bottles are donated to local centers for repurposing.  Providing this small incentive, we hope to reduce the amount of trash going into our landfills and protect precious natural recourses. Let’s work together to ensure the health and protection of our environment for years to come.

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Why Vitagenis?

At Vitagenis, we’re committed to delivering supplements that are manufactured with transparency and crafted with quality ingredients that are supported by science. We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards so you can trust us when we say that we are looking out for every one of our customers best interest.